A product site inspiring creativity

Creating an inspiring experience

We were excited when a brand we love and use every day challenged us to create an inspiring site as unique as the products they make.

A different kind of Homepage

We set out to create a homepage experience that was promotional, inspiring and fun.

Navigation complexity, simplified

We created a multi-tier navigation that simplified the process of finding the right product.

Challenging the norm

We challenged ourselves to create an elegant experience that resets expectations about how to use a site.

Product first experience

Putting the product experience first allows the user to quickly understand the product in non-jargon and dig deeper if and how they choose.

A truly global brand

It was imperative that the site scaled not only in size, but for Wacom’s various regions for both content and language.

Telling a story through custom icons

Wacom is about being creative and a custom, creative icon set was just what they needed.



300% increase in traffic


Adobe Cutting Edge Award

Build something inspiring