Understand what your DNA says about you?

A unique opportunity

We worked side-by-side with 23andMe to create amazing new tools for people to better understand their DNA.

From chromosomes to stories

We worked to turn complex human-data into stories that illuminated users’ ancestry and genetics.

A design language for genetics

Working with the 23andMe design language, we created the products’ colorful and clean visual system to make interactions feel effortless.

Usable, beautiful data

The offering’s success hinges on the presentation of complex information via clear design.

What makes me… me?

These new tools help people see how they compare with friends and family.

Where did I come from?

What if you could track your ancestors as they travelled across continents?

Encouraging exploration

The product relies on a simply-designed responsive navigation to make an astounding amount of information accessible.

What's your story?